Athena Chu Confirmed Pregnant With Wong’s Child: Hong Kong actress Athena Chu and musician boyfriend, Paul Wong, beyond the rock band confirmed Tuesday that Chu thee months pregnant with baby WONG reported Hong Kong media.

Athena Chu Confirmed Pregnant With Wong’s Child
Athena Chu Confirmed Pregnant With Wong’s Child Rumours rife that Chu, who was last dating was a photo by Wong small stomach and almost two months before a disease specialist sporting to go after 14 years is pregnant.

These rumours when Chu and Wong Tuesday afternoon to a micro-blog to him in the post a photo of naked in embrace faster, and said, “child, I really want you to know, even if the world fall, I still love you. You are the biggest here.”

In response to her post, WONG then your micro blog on “always something that involves two people, but from now on” loves, we will no longer be just two thought. Say I love you.”

Choo and Wong micro blog post created a stir among their fans but few Chu Tuesday night, when they returned to Hong Kong to visit Malaysia since confirmed pregnant on that.

Following the 40-year-old Chu, Wong, which it closely lately 48, said that was the best birthday gift kid with speaking to reporters at the airport he has received.

Wong added that he and Chu this year or early next year at the end of the marriage was planned, but the unexpected child their wedding planning to bring.

“It’s something that (Chu’s pregnancy) [our] expectations out. But it really is all of a sudden [we are] very happy,” Wong said.

“We are not married yet, but we quickly order it.”