Felicia Chin

Felicia Chin
Felicia Chin 陈靓瑄

Felicia Chin: Former Caldecott MediaCorp actress Felicia Chin shares her life as an undergrad.

Reporters caught up with former MediaCorp actress Felicia Chin on Thursday and spoke to her on a variety of topics, including a recent “backstabbing” incident and how a teenager had tried to woo her.

Felicia Chin
Felicia Chin 陈靓瑄

Chin, now a full-time undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, had turned up at an event for the new Channel 8 drama “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

She recently wrote on the Internet that she felt hurt after being backstabbed by someone nicknamed ‘Hamburger’.

The person had been badmouthing Chin for the past month and she had felt hurt after she heard about it.

Chin maintained that ‘Hamburger’ is not an artiste and that she did not intend to confront the person.

Meanwhile, she believed time will prove that she is not what rumours and gossip make her out to be.

She felt that she has “grown a little wiser” after this incident and will chose to clarify the matter only if people close to her get hurt.

On a lighter note, she shared her experience of being courted by a Secondary Four student whom she was giving tuition to while she was studying in junior college.

“He wrote me a letter to express his admiration for me. Soon after, I joined Star Search and stopped giving tuition,” she said with a laugh.

So did any of her former students continue to court her until this day?

“Of course not! That student could even be married now!” Chin exclaimed.

Chin will be graduating from university in a year and has not decided whether she will return to acting.