SkyDrive Google Drive iCloud or Dropbox What to Choose?

SkyDrive Google Drive iCloud or Dropbox

SkyDrive, Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox What to Choose? With the advent of Google Drive, the landscape of cloud storage is revolutionized. There were already several popular services that offer space, functions and ways to access different, but the popularity of Google’s online services grant him a ‘plus’ at the time of reaching the Internet.

Many users are wondering what is the cloud storage service that best suits them and is therefore useful to analyze what are the main features offered by each. Free or paid? Mobile or Desktop? About how big? Or web application? And, finally: SkyDrive, icloud, Dropbox or the newcomer Google Drive?

SkyDrive Google Drive iCloud or DropboxSkyDrive: Just before the arrival of Google Drive, from Microsoft are keen to upgrade their service, with upgrades for desktop and mobile devices, to offer better features, which has resulted in a very complete product that was already good in itself.

The main advantages are its ability SkyDrive free and easy access. Files are available on both Windows and Mac and also on the web and remote access. Access is also possible from IOS devices, Windows Phone and mobile web, but has no application to Android.

The free storage is 7 GB now. However, those who joined Microsoft with a Live account before April 22, include 25 GB. Who does not have a Hotmail account out there?

Of course, Microsoft intends to “clean up” to those users who just use their services, so that the page User’s personal Skydrive encouraged to apply the maintenance of the 25 GB. One who did not claim it will be lowered to the new category of 7 GB free. “The limit of free storage on SkyDrive will change to 7 GB but, as a member of SkyDrive, you can keep the current 25 GB storage, if you decide now,” says the Redmond giant.

For those who prefer to pay for the service, you can have up to 100 GB for $ 50 a year.

   SkyDrive Another advantage is the ability to edit the contents of the files online, besides being able to do it simultaneously with other users. This gets to be an ideal service for group work.

But not everything will be positive. The main disadvantage of SkyDrive is still no application for Android, so neither can access the files or upload them to the cloud from mobile devices with Google’s OS. But now it works with Microsoft’s OneNote application for Android, which lets you create many files on the fly.

Moreover, despite its large free capacity, the maximum size per file is to be 2 GB, 300MB if uploaded to the web.

GOOGLE DRIVE: The arrival of storage Google has been expected, in intensity and time-by users. In fact, the service starts with 5 million users of mobile application for Android, as it is actually updating the existing Google Docs.

Google Drive can be used on both Windows and Mac, by application, and on the web.

A very important point in favor of the Google service is full support for Google Docs, allowing you to edit shared files online without problem. Also the files on your computer are automatically synchronized with the web.

The size limit of uploading files is 10 GB, more than other services, and the initial storage is 5 GB free.

Although it is now available for Android version does not yet exist, but say they will soon come to iPhone, iPhone and Windows Phone.

The price of additional storage is $ 60 per 100 GB, $ 10 more expensive than SkyDrive.

Also note that currently users can encounter problems of access and use of any content, during the first moments and until your account is verified.

iCloud:  icloud service is most popular among fans of Apple, because it works well with devices with the apple logo, but you can say it is not recommended for users of other operating systems.

Unlike its competition, icloud no size limit per file. It also offers a very complete synchronization between Mac and IOS devices, allowing to have in common the mail, contacts, calendar, notes, images, documents etc.

But although it is also compatible with Windows 7, all these features can not be used. The free storage is 5 GB, and in regard to additional storage, 50 GB costs $ 100 a year, a much higher price than the competition.

DROPBOX: It is probably the most popular among users of the here reviewed, and as has been achieved greater notoriety, the other companies have not hesitated to give the competition.

Dropbox is accessible from a multitude of operating systems like Linux, and devices such as Blackberry, unlike its competition. It is also available on iPhone, iPad, Android and mobile web, but has no application for Windows Phone.

One reason that could have become popular is the effective tool that uses outreach. When a user shares with friends the application, both get 500 MB free. Therefore, although only initial offers 2 GB, there are many possibilities.

Another major fault of this service is that many people can not edit documents simultaneously in real time, which makes collaborative work through this service.

When it comes to prices, as expensive as icloud. To get 50 GB must pay $ 100, and 100 GB, $ 200 a year.

SkyDrive, A GREAT CHOICE: While Google is thinking whether to launch its service, Apple capaba-true to form, and Dropbox grew steadily, with a comprehensive service and functional, being a good option to consider for any type of user.

For its part, Microsoft has made quite round a product Skydrive. It offers 25 GB free for millions of users who have Microsoft desce account for years and 7 for the new, is compatible with almost all operating systems, though no application for Android, enables online editing of documents simultaneously and prices more competitive.

The truth is quite the ecosystem depends on each user’s preference in choosing, but Microsoft is the recommended option for most users.