Google Combat the Misuse of SEO


Google Combat the Misuse of SEO: Google has again updated its search algorithm to try to combat the pages that use positioning techniques incorrectly. Specifically, Google wants to penalize pages that use keywords that do not correspond to their content in order to improve its position in search results.

SEO techniques, known as SEO, are few tools that can make the Internet a much more organized. This is a series of clues that help searchers find the information that best meet the users’ searches, so make the sites more accessible and visible. However, if it is true that SEO is likely positive results may also have little use for the internet.

With SEO techniques, you can enhance a comprehensive website to the detriment of a more elaborate, or you can try to trick the browser to submit a search result page as though their contents are not related. Google, as head of one of the most common browsers in the world, maintains a crusade to combat these two possibilities.

The company aims to help positioning practices to deliver the best possible results, not to alter the proper functioning of the service. For this reason, Google introduced news in March aimed at penalizing pages that would make excessive use of positioning techniques in an attempt to raise awareness of the complementary nature of these pages.

Now the company has announced a new measure that seeks to pursue the second type of “perversion” of SEO techniques. Specifically, Google has made changes to its search algorithm to penalize websites that use SEO incorrectly. Thus, Google plans to finish the site and the contents that use keywords that do not correspond to the text or content they present.

Sometimes, the pages you link to your content keywords, popular words that are often part of the searchers. Thus, trying to trick the browser of Google to detect words that introduce such webs between their results. Such practices, which Google defines as webspam, are a disruption to users, who see the results match your request.

Now, Google hopes that such changes are not produced results. The search engine will penalize websites that have keywords that do not correspond to its contents, so that they can not take advantage of SEO.

This new influence introduced by Google in less than the previous search results. According to the company, expects the implementation of this measure alters 3 percent of total results of their service, while the previous measure conditioned by 12 percent. Nevertheless, 3 percent of all searches a significant amount of which Google hopes its service will improve.