Facebook Meets Antivirus Available For Social Network


Facebook Meets Antivirus Available For Social Network: The social network Facebook has announced the launch of an online security service licensed industry experts like Microsoft, TrendMicro, McAfee, Sophos and Symantec. The service is called ‘Antivirus Marketplace‘ and thanks to him, the social network users can download these tools free of viruses and malware.

Social networks are increasingly used as a way to send malware and viruses to users. Facebook attacked multiple threats every day, as there are shared links and target sites phishing or malware loaded containers. The network has decided to partner with leading provider of security software to fight such problems as communes on the popular social network.

According to the security team member Frederic Wollens company, malware is one of the most important social network “with spam on Facebook, we are victims of our own success.” The spam is a type of malware that spreads through the social network for his friends of users who reluctantly work together so that every time the malware may have a greater presence in the social network, because very few people are suspicious of what they sent one of his friends.

So Facebook has partnered with Microsoft, McAfee, TrendMicro, Sophos and Symantec to improve the safety of users on a project called ‘Antivirus Marketplace’ offering downloads, information on current threats, tips for users of Facebook, a guide security, among others for free.

The social network users can download antivirus for licenses that will get it for free for six months complete versions of anti-virus software, which protects against both current and future viruses. As published on the blog Wollens up Facebook, the company believes that “build” their users with the anti-virus software will give them the “Ability to stay safe no matter where they are on the web.”