Uma Thurman Turns Into Marilyn Monroe: Uma Thurman gets on the boards of Broadway, Broadway at least one fictional. And is that one of the most famous blonde in recent years has not missed the opportunity to get into the skin of the most famous blonde in the history of film: Marilyn Monroe.

Like Naomi Watts have recently made or Michelle Williams, the star of Kill Bill has been transformed from top to bottom to imitate the legendary Marilyn. He did so to smash a chapter in which Thurman has given life to one of the actresses who aspire to play Monroe in a musical.

Uma Thurman
Uma Thurman

    Specifically, Uma plays Rebecca Duvall, a movie star who wants to jump into the musical theater sneaking in on Marilyn. Thus in episode next Monday, viewers of NBC will see Thurman playing the famous Happy Birthday to actress dedicated to President Kennedy.

In just 50 seconds of the teaser that NBC has come we can see the star of Pulp Fiction at an audition trying to get the director of the play in his pocket change Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Mr. President by Mr. Director. However, with the same sensuality that made Marilyn gala itself.

Dressed like the blonde ambition on anniversary of JFK’s famous, Thurman hinted from the microphone to the head of the fictional work. Emulates the pose and movement of Monroe and whispers the last words of the song and then throw a kiss to the editor, reminding famous scene that lived 50 years ago.
The series follows in the footsteps of a group of actresses who are fighting for the role of a lifetime-plus account with Uma Thurman in some chapters, with familiar faces such as Debbra Messing and Angelica Houston.