LinkedIn Launches Application for iPhone

LinkedIn Launches Application for iPhone

LinkedIn Launches Application for iPhone: LinkedIn has announced the launch of its iPhone application. The company explained that its application for the ‘tablet‘ Apple will allow users to perform the most frequent activities at your service, such as consulting your calendar, make new contacts and set up your personal page.

LinkedIn Launches Application for iPhone   Social networks continue betting on the mobile world. Operations such as buying Instagram by Facebook confirms the interest of social networks to consolidate in the field of mobility. LinkedIn also subscribes to this interest in the mobile arena, through which gets 22 percent of its total traffic.

With the idea of ​​increasing its commitment to this sector, LinkedIn has decided to launch its own application adapted to ‘tablet’ market leader, the iPad. The company has confirmed that this application is now available, which promises to offer users an experience tailored to your service to this ‘tablet’.

LinkedIn has commented that in developing the app have worked to build and design a user experience according to the characteristics, especially in reading, the iPad. In this sense, from the social network have highlighted the possibility of using their service in the ‘tablet’ with all its possibilities.

With the LinkedIn application for the iPhone, users can access the calendar associated with your account. In this way, you can see all scheduled events and meetings, as well as information related to them.

The application also will check the news and current of all contacts. LinkedIn has explained that users receive on time all the news they read and share their contacts. Thus, the application will be current with updates on the profiles and information from other people that have links.

Along with these possibilities, the LinkedIn app for the iPhone also offers the option of building each user their personal brand. In this way, you can connect with other industry peers and share content in a way adapted but equally functional in the web version of the service.

Since the social network have said they hope that this application meets the needs of its customers. “We recognize the importance of being where our members are. The LinkedIn application for iPhone aims to help professionals be better prepared and trained to make better business decisions at the right place where they are working, ” said the CEO of LinkedIn EMEA, Ariel Eckstein.

The application is now available on iTunes and can be downloaded for free. Download Link LinkedIn Application for iPhone


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