The Most Famous Greek Beauties

Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger

The Most Famous Greek Beauties: Angelina Jolie and Diane Kruger!

Throughout history we have been enjoying many familiar faces filled films portraying the legendary women of ancient Rome . Most of the actresses who have played such roles can boast a unique Hellenic beauty and that has been passed through the screen and the years.
Angelina Jolie and Diane KrugerLook deep , prominent smile and flawless complexion are some of the requirements that have Shaik Irina in her performance in Hercules, Angelina Jolie in her magnificent performance in the legendary Cleopatra or Diane Kruger in Troy. Some beautiful women with angelic look and beauty that catches the viewers.

Able to seduce the camera and Cristiano , Irina Shayk debuted as an actress in role playing Hercules Megara sporting an enviable beauty and an almost perfect face.

Angelina Jolie for her part , became a magnificent Cleopatra, with a full of sensuality and delicacy interpretation.

Another of the actresses who can boast a Greek beauty is Diane Kruger, in her mythical interpretation of Helen at Troy , which featured Brad Pitt as co-star .

Lena Headey , who knew the actress in the movie 300 , also showed us their attributes as compelling and possessing a uniquely beautiful woman. Her role as Queen Gorgo served to show everyone that the Greek beauty is also something that goes with it. In turn we enjoyed tiny dresses worn by Carmen Electra on the set of the comedy film almost 300.

Laetitia Casta in her performance in Asterix and Obelix , closes this magnificent list of women whose beauty, look and talent have managed to conquer the screen and viewers remember them as true goddesses Film Peplum .