Facebook Suffers Problems in Latest News Section


Facebook Suffers Problems in Latest News Section: Facebook has struggled in his service which was causing its users could not update the contents and news from contacts.

The problem seems to be resolved, although the company has not given details on the incidence and scope.

9.00 Since April 27th of this service registered Facebook anomalies and has not been paid normally. In both the web version and mobile service applications , Facebook was not able to update the Latest News section.

For the web version , which usually appear in the boxes news pages or contacts appeared empty.

The service problems have not affected when publishing new content. Allowed Facebook status update and upload new pictures. Thus, the complete collapse of service Facebook was discarded.

The problem has been resolved and section presents Latest news and content . Currently the company has not commented on the incident and does not know if the problem is global or has only affected some users .

However, through Twitter users from across the globe who have commenting and confirming the incident , so that seems to have been an extended failure.