Oscars 2014 Jennifer Lawrence Falls Again

Oscars 2014 Jennifer Lawrence Falls Again

Oscars 2014: Jennifer Lawrence Falls Again History repeats itself! Jennifer Lawrence on the floor again at the Oscars 2014!

Drama for Jennifer Lawrence! but not because he had won an Oscar again, this time for Best Supporting Actress Lupita Nyong’o finally has who has done , but because ,drops again again! Although this time it was not in the actual Oscar ceremony.
Oscars 2014 Jennifer Lawrence Falls AgainAnd is that last year , her huge Dior dress she was playing a trick when it comes to pick up Oscar for The Bright Side of Things , with such bad luck that the actress was so happy to pick up the statuette finally between dress and stairs fell on stage.

Twitter immediately started buzzing, especially since this makes two Oscars in a row when Lawrence fell over: She famously tripped on the stairs on the way to collect her Best Actress award for “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Well, this year repeats fall but it was not because of the dress if not for what has been seen in a couple of pictures , the culprit was a traffic cone.

Perfectly clad in a strapless orange also Dior, Jennifer Lawrence was willing to parade down the red carpet glamorously happened when the small drop.

Luckily with a good chance for the actress, her boyfriend Nicholas was at her side so she could grab before Lawrence pulled stay on the red carpet.

Of course, with the naturalness that has characterized Jennifer Lawrence , the actress could not stop laughing about everything that had happened.

And it would not surprise us that the first thing that came to mind was, what have I done , I’ve fallen at the Oscars.

If next year returns for the ceremony and turns to fall, we could revisit that as a new tradition of the most important ceremony in Hollywood cinema .