Google Fiber Developing Upto 10GB Internet Speed


Google Fiber Developing Upto 10GB Internet Speed: New rumors say that Google is developing a new technology that will allow you to create an internet network that reaches up to 10GB per second , much faster than the current Google Fiber service that reaches a top speed of 1GB per second.
Google-fiberPatrick Pichette – Chief Financial Officer of Google – claimed that higher internet speeds will increase the use of software as a service and that this is a global trend.

Pichette also said that this technology can only be launched within a decade but , “Why could we not make available in three years? That’s what we’re working. “

The current Google Fiber service is only available to residents of Kansas City in the United States , is already prepared to be expanded to two cities.
fiberSurely Google will continue to expand its Google Fiber service in phases and once your coverage reach most of the U.S. territory may move towards a European expansion .