Obama Fainting Pregnant Woman Catch in Middle of Speech

Obama Fainting Pregnant Woman

President Obama Fainting Pregnant Woman Catch in Middle of Speech. An act of charity that performed this past Monday.

The event took place in the middle of a speech about the Act Affordable Health Care at the White House on Monday 21, the president of the United States give aid to a pregnant woman who was right behind him to faint.

Obama Fainting Pregnant WomanAllison Karmell type 1 diabetes and had been invited to the speech , when he began to feel unwell staggered looked around and saw Obama held his arm and said, ” I have you . Such well.

” Without losing the thread of what was there trying , the president addressed the crowd and quipped, ” This is what happens when I talk too much.”

She also reacted calmly and immediately took the stage so he could recuperate. Do not hesitate to acknowledge the gesture to the president via Twitter:

I’m fine , I just had a little dizziness . Thanks @ BarackObama for catch me! And good thing is that this diabetic pregnant 🙂 “.

She explains she was there at the speech because she had written a blog post about the ACA and how she stands to benefit from it, and she explained a bit more in her interview with Piers Morgan.

Despite what could be considered a very embarrassing moment, Karmel Allison seems to have a good sense of humor about being the face behind the story of Obama’s fainting woman catch.