Hackers Claim to Have “All the Pieces” for Jailbreak iOS 7


Hackers Claim to Have “All the Pieces” for Jailbreak iOS 7: The popular hacker of iPhone Planetbeing been said to have “all the pieces” to get to ‘jailbreak’ to the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 7.

Apple launched last September 18 iOS 7, realizing a warm welcome. In just 24 hours, the new version is already installed in no less than 33 percent of mobile devices company Apple.

The truth is that many people are watching to see how progress hackers normally devoted to release the iPhone operating system, though there was much hope that it got faster.

It seems that Apple has done their homework, and their latest versions, as the iOS 6.1.4 very well have gotten hold attempts by hackers to jailbreak.

However, Planetbeing, evad3rs group that also includes pod2g, MuscleNerd, pimskeks, has shed a little hope.

In his Twitter Account has said they are “working hard” on the jailbreak for iOS 7. In this regard, he advanced that “may” have “and all the parts”, although he qualified that “not sure yet”.