Facebook Teenager Restrictions Policy

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Facebook Teenager Restrictions Policy: Facebook announced it will release the restrictions for teenage users, aged between 13 and 17 years who can make their publications open to the entire Facebook community.
New Features For FacebookUntil now Facebook had a restriction for teens , which did not allow them publish content to anyone outside the circle of your friends , their friends or acquaintances.

This restriction in the privacy of the publications of teens would serve to protect your privacy , assuming that they would not even be able to distinguish what type of information that could be positive or negative for the protection of their own privacy.

“Teenagers are among the most knowledgeable users on social media, and whether civic engagement , activism , or her thoughts on a new film , they want to be heard ,” said Facebook in an official statement which announced these changes.

Is this a positive and genuinely good by the Facebook for the adolescents ? The truth is that the age group between 13 and 17 years is one of the most use Facebook , and there are already people criticize and point the finger to these actions.

Jeffrey Chester , executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy comes warn certainly a fact that teens do not even think , saying that Facebook is just denigrate the security and privacy of adolescents to increase your business .

The changes will start to come into force in a phased manner , and users who have passed this amendment will pass the active able to change the privacy of their publications , making them public.

The real results of these changes will only be possible to measure with the passage of time , when ever possible to measure the impact , realizing it will be positive or negative.