How Posing for Transmitting Power, Sensuality and Security?


How Posing for Transmitting Power, Sensuality and Security? Your position affects not only the physical plane, but also emotional.

The pose of our body says a lot about us. In fact in a conversation most of what we communicate is through body language.

Therefore it is important to monitor and put your body when talking to someone, to make a presentation or in front of a camera.

Do not worry! We give you the keys.

The step must be firmer, faster than normal. Never look down, eyes on the horizon and shoulders back, not very exaggerated if not a little more than you’d take it in a flat position.

Besides giving a pose safer also make you a natural lift in the abdomen instead of making you look like you do not have a gut.

Walking also concentrates your energy, your breath in the navel area.

Walking fast why? get the feeling you’re going somewhere for a good reason, you have a goal to accomplish.

For the same reason you have to look to the horizon, it makes you look more sexy.

If you’re not quite sure, it’s best to practice at home and lots of encouragement!