5 Basic Tips to Protect Your Hair This Fall

5 basic tips for hair fall

5 Basic Tips to Protect Your Hair This Fall: After summer hair needs an extra dose of caution. Exposure to sun, chlorine in swimming pools and sea salt damaged hair fibers , so now is the right time to pay more attention to our hair.

5 basic tips for hair fallThe arrival of autumn causes moderate hair loss that occurs due to seasonal change . The dryness and frizz are also very common at this time of year.

Nothing alarming if you follow these basic tips , with which achieve perfect hair .

1. Make a haircut . If you want to change your look can cut split ends only , meaning you can clean up your hair for the winter .

Two . Use a shampoo and conditioner suitable for all hair types . The products are formulated from natural components help care for our health especially for hair colored hair , with which we must take special care .

Three . Hair care treatments that strengthen the hair fibers . Keratin is a protein rich in sulfur which is recommended especially for frizzy hair as it provides fine manes used in weight and reduces the volume , so it is not very suitable .

April . Caring for your scalp. In washing can perform a massage with your fingers , this will help the hair look shiny after washing. For scalps this is not recommended as it stimulate the sebaceous glands that produce fat , is better clarifying After washing hair with lemon juice .

May . Finally , do not abuse the dryer , the hair iron , or curlers . These devices achieve very high temperatures can damage the hair if not used properly .

Always use dry hair with products that reduce the impact on our hair , are two of the keys to use them in an appropriate way .