Military Strike Syria: Obama Says “Still ” Has Not Taken Any Decision


Military Strike Syria: Obama says “Still ” Has Not Taken Any Decision: The U.S. president , Barack Obama , has clarified on Wednesday that “still” has not taken any decision on action against Syria , but said ” no doubt ” that have used chemical weapons and has indicated that the White House is sure was the regime of Bashar al Assad.

“We have not made ​​any decisions , but we must respect international norms against the use of chemical weapons and no one doubts that have been used on a large scale chemical weapons against the civilian population in Syria ,” he said, in an interview with U.S. broadcaster PBS.

Asked about the authorship , has revealed that , based on the “evidence ” , “does not believe ” that the opposition has been able to carry out these attacks because they ” do not believe ” that has ” nuclear weapons or chemical weapons of any kind ” . ” We have concluded that it was the Syrian government and , if so , there must be international consequences ,” he underlined .

While he explained that the United States has ” no interest in open conflict in Syria ” but you should make sure that ” when countries break international norms weapons that can be a threat , accountable .”

“Also, when we are talking about a country that has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world, control over them can be eroded , which is allied with terrorist organizations in the past have attacked the United States, then there is a possibility of that chemical weapons are directed against us and we need to ensure that does not happen , “he added .

On the other hand , Obama has referred to the humanitarian situation in Syria , with more than 100,000 dead and two million refugees scattered throughout the region , and has been described as ” heartbreaking ” .


Diplomatic contacts have intensified in recent days , after the United States and its allies reaffirmed that keep ” all options” and that its armed forces are prepared to carry them out.

U.S. Government sources have asserted on NBC that the attack could be launched against Syria “as soon as this Thursday ” and would last “three days ” . The main objective would send a message to the Assad regime , so it would have a limited scope.

In this context , Syrian President Bashar Assad has denied that his government again has used chemical weapons in the civil war , stating that such accusations are ” political ” and has warned the West that , if it invades the Arab country , ” expect failure.”


The alarm went off last August 21 , when government troops launched a chemical attack on Damascus leaving hundreds dead and thousands affected , according to reports from activists and opponents .

This course has been activated etching gear allowing international politics , after months of waiting, finally a group of United Nations experts came to Syria to investigate these claims on the ground.

The Syrian government has given its approval , allowing unrestricted access for UN experts to the whole , even though so far refused to also investigating allegations of the opposition.