Graphite Website Launches: An Aid for Teachers


Graphite Website Launches: An Aid for Teachers: Graphite is an online database (totally free) products that are evaluated by a particular classification, which can be anything from educational apps, videos, games, etc..

GraphiteYour developers want users to consider this platform as a trusted site and is seen as a reference to the classification level, to ensure that it can help teachers become aware of what the best products are available to help in the exercise of their profession.

This site sorts the products on a scale from 0 to 5, where 0 means that the product is not very good and 5 that the product is highly recommended. Additionally, it also has various grades such as: the pros and cons of the product, in which the system can be installed (mac, Microsoft, android, iOS, what is their monetary cost if students learn effectively using the same etc..

The big news is that this site allows teachers to submit their own ratings, reports or comments on the products.

For example if you are interested in teaching your child or student accounts to do math, you can choose the app Mystery Math Town. As you can see it is a reliable app which according to the reviews, the ratings it helps little ones to learn to do math. We recommend 100%.

Besides all these features, Graphite also has a social component, which allows users to create their own profiles, and followed other users to exchange messages with each other.

Through this rating system Common Sense Media hopes that it will be an indispensable tool for all teachers, which contributes to a sense less difficulty in the art of teaching, and they can exchange their ideas, opinions and experiences with other teachers.

If you got interested go to the following address start by register and get access to a set of features that you can prove to be very useful.