Birth Of Kate Middleton Baby Boy: 10 Things You Should know


Birth Of Kate Middleton Baby Boy: 10 Things You Should know: the protocol that do not know, The royal houses are always governed by the protocol, and the birth of an heir more than ever, as is the case of the son of Kate and William, so in CHANCE want to tell all those details you do not know about the passes to continue as The Intransigent account.

Check the legitimacy of the baby: Since long time ago there needs to be major participants deliveries to verify that the child is actually born blue blood, in the case of Kate Middleton delivery Archbishop of Canterbury will be responsible to be present during birth.

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The name of the actual shoot: You may not have name and is simply referred to as “Her Royal Highness“, “prince” or “princess”. If not, they could choose from Wales, Mountbatten-Windsor or Cambridge for the title of his parents, and indeed that the latter: they have already chosen.

How will announce his birth by social networking certainly not in the British royal family worship traditions, including communications birth with an easel at Buckingham Palace holding the foil seal of the royal house to announce the news; also follow this protocol for the deaths.

Yes, be the first to hear this order: the queen, the royal family most important, the Middleton family if you are in the hospital, and then she stand by that and end of all, by the media ( and this time including social networks).

Celebration in the palace by the arrival: 41 gunshots ring of Troop Royal Horse Artillery of the king. Normally they are only 21 guns, but being in the royal park Green Park added 20 guns more, you are not left short of guns!

Also, you can not miss the flag hoisted in every regiment and government sites.

Birthplace: Until relatively recently, the princes and princesses were born at home, although in the case of Prince William and Prince Harry were born St. Mary Hospital in Paddington, London, just as the future son of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Presentation to the world if they want parents can introduce their baby from the balcony at a very “Lion King“, from where you can watch all curious about.

Baptism: It is vital that the baby looks a skirt that replicates the same used at the christening of Princess Victoria Adelaide Mary, a tradition that has been in place since 1841. The place is still unknown, although parents could follow his father and grandfather, and be baptized in the Music Room of the Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Yes, William has decided to break protocol telephone calling himself the queen to give you the good news, so far an emissary went to the palace to inform, but William has made clear his great relationship with the Queen by telling the same when the time comes.