Napster is Back: Now a Music Service ‘Streaming’


Napster is Back: Music Service ‘Streaming’, Napster has announced his arrival and not as legal downloads service which became a few years ago and after the closure of the company in 2001. On this occasion it was presented as a service in ‘streaming’, but will not include free option as you will make rival Spotify, Deezer, Google Music All Access and Rdio.

The mythical ‘software’ of P2P downloading songs born in 1999 and was closed in 2001 after an intense legal battle with record labels. Subsequently, the brand was bought by American Rhapsody and in 2006 announced a service free downloads of songs in exchange for publicity, however, did not quite take off.

Now Napster has become a burden and is now available in Spain. However, its distribution model this time is playing music by ‘streaming’, the unstoppable trend and embrace Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google and certainly very soon, Apple, who unwittingly has run a little behind in this regard after the success of iTunes.

Napster will offer competitors the same as Spotify, Deezer and Rdio a premium service from 9,95 euros per month with unlimited access to music. Users can play over 20 million songs on your browser and on mobile apps for iOS and Android and Smart TVs and cars in BMW and Mini Cooper.

The main difference with services like Spotify or Deezer mentioned, is that the new Napster paradoxically no place in a free offer to users. However, the company does offer at this time a trial period of 30 days required, yes, the income of a credit or debit card to be enjoyed.

Napster had a great impact over thirteen years ago as a company that revolutionized the music market and forced everyone to change their content strategy.

However, the big question will be how they āpanāra today, in the 2013 to gain a foothold among many other music similar services ‘streaming’ as the popular Spotify, Deezer and Rdio. And, 13 years later, the brand has lost value and Napster, to a large percentage of young consumers of services ‘streaming’ is no longer synonymous with digital music.