12 Incredibly Useful Sites Perhaps Unaware


12 Incredibly Useful Sites Perhaps Unaware: Not all network reduces to Facebook, Twitter, and a few media. Although not too famous, there are many websites that can be very useful in certain moments, both for leisure and for productivity.

1- Easel.ly: Very good to create online info-graphics. Many templates to choose from, and a mechanism based on drag & drop to perhaps take a bit to adjust. Also, save your files in your cloud, so you can stop and restart after work. The downside is that at the time of export allows only in jpeg, it misses the direct PDF option. Still, one of the sites useful to get out of unsightly reports.

2- YouTube TV Mode: The spectacular YouTube mode for when you connect the computer to the TV. Infinite Scroll to browse categories and a very nice interface, and above all, the ability to connect your smartphone or tablet through adjustments to match them. The always focus background brings elegance, and YouTube know.

3- Similar Sites: Basically used to find sites similar in theme to one that we introduce. The operation can not be more simple: enter the name of a website in the search box, and a list of similar sites down by the percentage of relationship. I’ve done a few tests with different themed sites, and the fact is that quite nail it.

4- Online OCR: If you ever gave head against the table by having to transcribe a text already printed, do not thank them again to this website. Allows up texts scanned or photographed, and the system will detect it (has 32 recognition languages), and we returned in HTML, Word, Excel, plain text, etc.. It goes without us to register and get started, although in that case has the limitation of 15 pages per hour, more than enough for many cases.

5- Bounce: When we need to do a full capture a website Bounce is our service. Also with a clear and clean interface, we only introduce the capture site, and wait for the red ball stop bouncing … Then you can select the fragment or the whole image to save, on which we write notes superimposed click.

6- I Want My Name: When we need to check if a domain is free, I Want My Name shows us a clear and clean, and also with many extensions at once. If you also want to buy it, we see the price in dollars and the chance to buy it from the website. Not bad.

7-Screenr: To record our screen activity for both Mac and PC, no need to download any software, it works online. Its limitation is that it can record videos longer than 5 minutes, enough for many cases. To go further, there are payment options.

8- Font Squirrel: For lovers of fonts. Font Squirrel provides us with many, well sorted, with a clean presentation, and also all of them are free. The site design is excellent and it’s not overloaded a rare bird in the websites that offer fonts.

9- Office Templates: A section of the official website of Microsoft Office to download templates for Excel, Word, PowerPoint … Basically, a way to get visual and beautiful documents with minimal effort. One of my favorite tools, templates, that in the case of those that come preinstalled with Office are somewhat mediocre.

10- Copy Paste Character: There are many tools and ways to get characters that do not appear on your keyboard, but a website created specifically for this is perhaps the best option. We simply have to press one of them and copy. By default collection appears basic but you can explore several categories to get new. Yes, do not use it to make your messages unreadable or your usernames, please.

11- Join: From the makers of LogMeIn, Join follows a similar but more social, to share what is shown on your screen with other users, as done for example in their hangouts Google+. One of the useful web tutorials for those who need to live, for example. Join The difference is that not even ask prior registration, but it works through pairings by inserting the same code.

12- Stock.xchng: After this peculiar name is perhaps the best service to download images free stock. Unlike in many other places, where images are extra (and free come with huge watermarks) at this website all are free and unmarked. Yes, the structure and design of the site are not the best, and browse through the categories is not as fast as desirable.