XBOX ONE Home Entertainment System

XBOX ONE Home Entertainment System

XBOX ONE Home Entertainment System New Update Are Launched: Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment division president Don matrix “Xbox One is a powerful all-in-one devices blockbuster games, TV, will lead a new era of entertainment” and “Xbox One games and entertainment in the house quickly and easily customizations will allow” he said.XBOX ONE Home Entertainment SystemXbox One game is to knock down the barriers of reality and the game provides a new level of realism. The Xbox One TV and TV encounters follow your instructions.

For example, ‘Xbox On’ turning it on just to say that the home screen to open or friends can check the game scores. Users Xbox One and when you talk to a lot of the more Xbox One to learn that your favorite entertainment to the user to provide optimized. Xbox One of the amazing features are following:

TV Function

Xbox One or adjust the TV channels through cable operators or satellite set-top box can watch the program. Microsoft Xbox One is through the various routes available in all markets can provide various TV programs will try our best to help.


Xbox One the ‘Xbox On’ just to say that your custom home dashboard to connect to your favorite games, TV, provides entertainment.


Two functions on one screen at the same time you can enjoy. For example, Xbox One to take advantage of the more favourite movies or participate in a multi-player battles, watch live TV then you can chat with friends. Another interesting sporting events to cheer their team, while additional features such as retrieving a time can enjoy.

Skype For Xbox One

Skype IM is the Xbox One was produced specifically for. In HD on TV, chat with friends or a group conversation can be


Xbox One among his friends what popular entertainment content, Xbox any issues in the community and find out if the topic informs the user.

One Guide

Xbox One of the network, name, time, the user can easily search to find entertainment they want allow. All of the user’s voice can search and personalized program guide is provided accordingly.

Microsoft’s excellent game and entertainment platforms, through a combination of operating system, games, TV, Entertainment Xbox to design optimized for user input without changing the game so that you can enjoy watching TV or was The 8-core x86 processor and more than 5 billion transistor dramatically reduces the delay time without compromising performance was to be able to run a variety of applications.

Xbox ONE is optimized for the user to provide more intelligent services, Xbox LIVE, enough to support the next generation was produced. Download content update can be started quickly, while receiving a game, custom profiles, games, entertainment content can be saved to the cloud. Xbox LIVE Gold membership on Xbox 360 users who used the Xbox ONE in the service may be provided.

Xbox One a stylish and modern design was produced. Was produced in 16:9 aspect ratio Blu-ray optimized disk drive was mounted horizontally. The gesture recognition device Kinec sensors Xbox One supports 1080p quality through precision, responsiveness and intuitiveness has improved both.

Part of the visual and movement, speech technologies have to improve your game and entertainment to adapt perfectly to help. Can work in almost any lighting and small wrist rotation and precise recognition in a noisy room to distinguish the user’s voice.

Xbox One controller than 40 technology has been reborn through innovative design.

In addition, with the new Kinect also been designed to work in conjunction the two devices can be synchronized with a perfect user will be provided for.

Xbox One is scheduled to be released the end of the year the world more open information coming June 11 will be unveiled at E3 2013.