World’s Richest People:10 Largest Technology Fortunes

World’s Richest People

World’s Richest People: The 10 Largest Technology Fortunes:
World’s Richest People1. Bill Gates
The co-founder of Microsoft dethroned Carlos Slim as the richest man in the world, a position not occupied since 2007. His fortune is now valued at 72.7 billion by Bloomberg * (billion) dollars.

 2. Larry Ellison
Your name may not be known maiora of the people, but ranks second on the list of the richest in the technology sector. The Oracle founder has a fortune estimated at 41.6 billion * dollars and is the eighth richest man in the world.

 3. Larry Page
The Google co-founder and current CEO of the company is the third richest area of ​​technology, with a fortune estimated at 26.3 billion dollars * and has 16 per cent of the company’s securities. It is the 18th richest man in the world. And give a jam who guess who comes on the heels on the list …

4. Sergey Brin
Sure guessed. This was an easy question. The person who comes immediately after the list is Sergey Brin, the other co-founder of Google. His fortune is estimated at 25.9 billion * dollars and is the 19th richest man in the world.  Amazon Unveils $ 199 Kindle Fire Tablet, Taking On Apple’s iPad.

5. Jeff Bezos
In 2004 he had the idea to create an online store and less than 10 years later became one of the richest men in the world. Jeff Bezos is the man behind Amazon. Have your fortune estimated at 24.7 billion * dollars and is the 24th richest person in the world.

6. Steve Ballmer
Ballmer became the strongman of Microsoft after Bill Gates leaving the reins of the company in January 2000. Your fortune is 16.6 billion * dollars and is the 45th in the list of world’s richest.

7. Paul Allen
Paul Allen is the third man from Microsoft this list. The co-founder of Microsoft left the company in 1983 and currently has less than 2 percent of the shares, but grain-to-grain the hen fills her belly and over the years has amassed over 20 billion dollars. Your fortune is currently estimated at 15.3 billion * dollars and ranks number 43 on the global list.

8. Michael Dell
This is a name that is immediately recognized. Michael Dell is the founder of manufacturer computers Dell. Has a fortune of $ 14.8 billion * dollars and is the 60th richest person in the world.

9. Mark Zuckerberg
If you thought it lacked a name to this list here it is: Mark Zuckerberg, the man who created Facebook is just the ninth richest in the technology area, with a fortune estimated at 12.8 billion * dollars and the 77th richest person in the world. Not bad for those who completed 29 years yesterday. By the way, you know why Facebook is blue?

10. Jim Goodnight
The last name on the list of the richest in the technological area, Jim Goodnight, is unknown to the public but the company that leads the SAS Institute provides analysis software for everyone and and has a fortune equivalent to 12.5 billion * of dollars.