Tumblr May Reject Yahoo $1 Billion Offer


Tumblr May Reject Yahoo $1 Billion Offer: Tumblr sees the offer of acquisition by Yahoo! for 1.1 billion (1.1 billion) dollars as just a “first offer” and should reject it by considering the very low value.

According to inside sources quoted by TechCrunch, the Yahooo! have to “significantly increase” the offer for her to be considered by Tumblr.

The start-up U.S. is open to be purchased by a giant of the internet, the more you have money problems, but believes that its value is much higher than now placed on the table by Yahoo!.

Tumblr has said its employees have just money “to operate for a few more months” and in recent months there have been reports that several companies could be interested in acquiring Tumblr. The star itself up quietly made ​​it known that he would be open to a possible purchase.

However, Yahoo! is the first to sit down and put an offer on the table. According to reports in this week, the giant would pay 1.1 billion (1.1 billion) dollars in cash.

Despite the astronomical numbers, the offer seems to have impressed the leaders of Tumblr having as reference the purchase of Instagram by Facebook for a price believed to have been 1 billion (thousand million) dollars, but money and actions.

And Instagram is much smaller and younger than Tumblr and this is the argument of those responsible for Tumblr.

Yahoo might be able to push the deal through for $1.1 billion or just a little more depending on how the acquisition is structured. If it promises Tumblr’s CEO David Karp he can retain control of the company, provides the right retention bonuses, or won’t force Tumblr to shoehorn in integrations with Yahoo’s other properties, Tumblr may be more receptive.

Despite an impressive increase in expected revenue this year, with a total of 100 million dollars, the proceeds are insufficient to make ends meet, so the injection of cash by an internet giant is crucial to the continued activity of Tumblr. The question is whether this money will be of Yahoo!.