Sony 13.3 Inch Tablet Prototype

Sony 13.3 Inch Tablet Prototype

Sony 13.3 Inch Tablet Prototype : Sony Japan unveil a prototype digital paper device that is claimed to be able to take over the function of paper.
Sony 13.3 Inch Tablet PrototypeDevice that carries the 13.3-inch size is an e-ink display that is equipped stylus. So bye-bye paper!

Sony claims the device can replace pens, paper, notebooks and books are actually using paper materials.

This super slim device has a 6.8mm thinness and weighs 358gram. With a screen size of 13.3-inch 1200×1600 resolution, this device is equivalent to the size of A4 paper.

Other specifications, it is also equipped with a digital paper microSD slot to expand the memory capacity and 4GB of internal memory.

Device is also equipped with WiFi features to support the needs of surf in the virtual universe in order to find the various references.

Currently, Sony is still testing this tool in universities located in Japan.

The plan is that the company will sell commercially in the near future.