Google Launches Android Studio


Google Launches Android Studio, The New Programming Environment for Android: Google has released Android Studio Wednesday. This is the new Integrated Development Environment (IDE, for its acronym in English) for the Android operating system.

This new environment provides new developer tools integrated Android application development, thus replacing the Eclipse platform.

The developer conference Google I / O has not laid aside his star operating system, Android. Mountan View team has given a new look to its Integrated Development Environment for Android with the arrival of Android Studio.

The IDE is a programming environment packaged as an application program. In this way Google says goodbye to his former environment, Eclipse, to welcome Studio, which is also based on Intelligent IDEA.

This new environment offers a layout editor that lets you drag and drop components in the user interface, preview performances of multiple display configurations, attendees based on a template to create common components designs and Android, as well as a number of tools to detect performance, ease of use, version compatibility and other problems.

Studio also includes integration with Android Google Cloud Messaging for not having to leave the development environment and the ability to see at the time that changes are made in the design of applications in different resolutions.

At the moment, Android Studio is available as a preview, so Google warns that several features are incomplete or have not yet been implemented, with the possibility of errors.

Getting Started with Android Studio