Carmageddon Engines Starts in Android


Carmageddon Engines Starts in Android: The once controversial video game Carmageddon has come to Android devices. Stainless Games has released a version of its game for fans of retro where users can resume driving their cars through different scenarios and run over all pedestrians, or cows, which you get ahead.

CarmageddonThe game, known for its violence, returns to the market adapting to new devices and allowing his former players remember a small part of his past. In this game, the user drives a car that will win races and, for these, you can run over both pedestrians and cows, to get points.

During the races, the player will have to compete against a bloodthirsty band conductors and destroy their cars.

The game allows free driving so the user can transform any stage in a race track though, be careful with the police, as this will be watching to arrest all the cars that do not comply with the law.

The game features 36 levels, 11 different scenarios, 28 opponents. The car can be controlled by virtual buttons on the touch screen or tilt, depending on how the user prefers.

This game was created in 1997 and drew the attention of all the media for his use of violence in the game mode. When it came to light was banned in some countries, so the developer of the game, Sales Curve Interactive, decided to take a censored version of the video game.

In this version the players would have to run over zombies instead of people, yet in many countries also criticized this version.

The game is now available on Google Play at a price of 1.79 euros ($1.84), and is also available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod at a price of 3.59 euros ($3.99).

Download:  Carmageddon on Google Play Store | App Store