OUTDATE Fighter Detects Program Updates for PC


Windows: OUTDATE Fighter Detects Program Updates for PC:  Every time I ask how they can save battery or maintain an operating system with good performance, at least on mobile devices first thing I tell them is that one of the most important things is to have all applications in its latest version.

In PC regarding’re not much different from a laptop or from a computer over months, maintain the programs that we have installed in their latest versions helps us to have a much more agile and fluid.

With OUTDATEfighter we will facilitate this process in Windows because once installed the program, it will examine the programs we have installed and compare our version of your database.

If they find that the program you have installed have a current version we provide, from the same program interface, the ability to download and install.

Download OUTDATEfighter

OUTDATEfighter is helpful if, as Ccleaner, we have many programs that are constantly updated and look on your own. With this program could choose one day a week to check which programs require upgrade and dedicate a specific time only to it.

The program does its job, but it seems that for now have a database somewhat limited and assuming you have installed hundreds of programs may not detect some updating. Clearly this is something that will expand with the passage of time.