Omar Borkan Al Gala: Too Sexy for Saudi?

Omar Borkan Al Gala Too Sexy for Saudi 1

Omar Borkan Al Gala: Too Sexy for Saudi? Deported From Saudi Arabia for Being ‘Too Handsome’: Omar Borkan Al Gala a Fashion photographer and actor from Dubai, “too sexy for Saudi Arabia,” after he was reportedly deported from the Middle Eastern country for the way he looks.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Too Sexy for SaudiAccording to multiple reports, Omar Borkan Al Gala was feared to be too physically attractive to women, which resulted in Saudi officials deporting him (and two other men).

The reason for the deportation was more about the women of the region than the men who got the pink slip. Saudi officials are said to fear that the women would get too excited in their presence, thus drumming up feelings and emotions in the women that officials clearly try to suppress.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Too Sexy for Saudi 1The men were arrested by police officers from the country’s religious police force, the Mutaween, according to UK’s The Sun.

According to the Telegraph and The Sun, Omar appears on his Facebook page wearing eyeliner. The website even calls his photographs “sultry.”

Borkan Al Gala addressed the report in his Facebook page. On April 21 he posted:

“This is what written in newspapers in over the world 🙂 UAE men ordered to leave Saudi Arabia for being ‘too handsome’,” and added a link to the Streamlux site.

Borkan Al Gala’s Facebook page has nearly 100,000 likes. He describes himself as a Fashion photographer, actor and poet from Dubai.

Most of his pictures are self-portraits in various poses.

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