Mobile Phones For Sightless Coming Soon

Mobile Phones For Sightless Coming Soon

Mobile Phones For Sightless Coming Soon: Smartphone touch interface Braille first in the world can get to the customer at the end of this year.
Mobile Phones For Sightless Coming SoonSumit Dagar an interface design Indians took 3 years to develop smart phones can display Braille text and photos for the visually impaired.

He called it the first smartphone for the blind in the world and if the testing process goes smoothly this smartphone can be on the market later this year.

Thanks to the financial support of its Rolex watches Dagar has partnered with the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi and LV Prasad Eye Institute to develop a prototype Braille.

This smartphone touchscreen touch can transfer content such as images, maps or a floating text to be able to feel by touch.

Dagar’s ability to interpret each smartphone Braille Ted Talk in the conference in 2011.

He emphasized that visually impaired users can touch the floating image of the real-time online chatting and video capture that person’s feelings.

Besides, he also pointed out this technology can assist blind people detect other things like maps, games.

This smartphone uses an integrated monitor a network of tiny feet moving up and down to show the contents of floating then move on to their original state at the end of.

Dagar said¬†“Technology has created revolution in life, however many visually impaired people are not enjoying it even if technology is making their lives worse. Therefore, I want to do something to bring the technology to them”.