iPhone 6 Is Getting Back In 2014

iPhone 6 Is Getting Back In 2014

Late iPhone 5S iPhone 6 Is Back To 2014: Although not known exactly when the new generation iPhone was released.
iPhone 6 Is Getting Back In 2014But as users review, iPhone 5S will launch delayed for at least several more months while iPhone had to wait until 6 years later was made out.

Telegraph newspaper recently quoted a component manufacturing partners in Taiwan Apple iPhone 5S can not be said on the shelves soon because issues related to security features that Apple fingerprint equipment for the new iPhone to replace the password lock function previously

According to the source, Apple is looking for a kind of material to cover outer coating layer without affecting the fingerprint sensor equipped on new iPhones this has caused a delay in the launch of products.

Besides iPhone 5S suppliers of components Apple also said that they are developing a cheaper iPhone model and can attract more low-income customers in developing markets such as China China and India.

Earlier, a partner providing components for the iPhone screen in Japan also said, will begin trial production on a small scale display panels for cheap iPhone in May before embarking on mass production in June.

Sources said that both version 2 and iPhone Cheap iPhone 5S will all use the same 4-inch wide screen but will not be cheap version equipped with fingerprint security technology and is used only cheap plastic shell.

Apple is believed to be equipped with fingerprint security technology to next generation iPhone as Apple of the company acquired biological AutenTec identified last year.

Most likely this is preparation for a technological breakthrough on a smartphone.

Meanwhile, Glen Yeung, an analyst firm Citibank also identified as the same as that on the iPhone 5S will have until September could launch, while the iPhone 6 will wait until 2014 newly released.

Before that, Glen Yeung said that the iPhone 5S will be released in June or July but with the information from Apple’s partners in Taiwan, Yeung said iPhone 5S will be released late at least 1 2 months, ie around August or September.

Yeung also confirmed there will be no iPhone version 6 totally new at this year that will only appear on the following year.

However, Yeung did not specify the reasons for its judgment.

Rumors always appear before each occasion overwhelmed Apple’s upcoming new products.

Notably, the accuracy of the rumors related to Apple in recent times quite accurately derived mainly from the manufacturing partners of Apple and assembled in China and Taiwan.

Of course, Apple has kept his style when silence all rumors. However, if actual generation iPhone is still only 4-inch screen and no subversive in design than the iPhone 5 this is indeed a sad thing for those who love Apple and the iPhone.