Margaret Thatcher’s Death: Kirchner’s Government Silent on Thatcher


Margaret Thatcher’s Death: Kirchner’s Government Silent on Thatcher: The Argentine government has chosen not to comment so far on the death of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, died Monday at 87 years old, but many political leaders and former combatants have criticized harshly for its involvement in the sinking of war cruiser “General Belgrano” during the Falklands War of 1982 and its neoliberal policies, according to the national press picked.

Unlike the government of Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has refused to rule on the death of Thatcher nor issued any official statement, the press itself has given extensive coverage to news and sought the views of many opposition leaders and military representatives Argentine, who have pointed out that the conservative leader was responsible for the deaths of 323 Argentine soldiers because of the sinking of the ‘General Belgrano’, which occurred on May 2, 1982, a month after the war began.

In this regard, the president of the National Commission Argentine Falklands Veterans, Ernesto Alonso, said that Thatcher “contributed nothing to world peace.”For us, her figure is in the same plane as the genocidal (former) Leopoldo Fortunato Galtieri: both led our country into a war that the only thing left were the hundreds killed,” he added, quoted by several newspapers of country.

The Argentine people and judged. Youth dead Malvinas Belgrano and sufficient testimony of his journey through life,” said for his part, the leader of the Broad Progressive Front (FAP), Hermes Binner, on his Twitter account .

For his part, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate, Daniel Filmus, told ‘The Nation’ that Thatcher “always took the hardest decisions in favor of military intervention against peaceful conflict resolution , as when he ordered the sinking of the ‘Belgrano’ “and pointed out that,” along with former U.S. President Ronald Reagan “, the deceased had been” the champion of neoliberal policies. “

Dante Caputo Radical leader, foreign minister during the presidency of Raul Alfonsin, has aafirmado that “for Argentines, Thatcher is associated with the Malvinas issue” and, internationally, “is associated to a time where a model predominated causing major economic damage to society. “

Also, the president of the socialist bloc in the House of Representatives, Juan Carlos Zabala, said, quoted by the same newspaper, that “the political ideas that championed, neoliberalism (…), have failed in the search for a company more equality and solidarity “and denounced that” with the genocidal dictatorship in the country, shares the responsibility for the defense of colonial interests and the Malvinas dead “.

LAS MALVINAS: Argentina claims sovereignty over the Falkland Islands since 1833, when it should if any inherited from Spain, but the UK is snatched them and drove Argentina’s population residing in them. On April 2, 1982 the Argentine military invaded the archipelago to recover, leading to a two-month war that left 650 Argentine soldiers, 255 British and three dead Falklands.

Margaret Thatcher led the response to the invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982 almost alone in his government. Last month, declassified documents from that time indicated that some advisers consider the possibility of paying for them to leave Falklands instead of sending a military contingent.

Several advisers tried that conflict does not lie down the government. The secretary of the Prime Minister, Michael Scholar, said the head of government was considering all possibilities, but warm to the conflict show “would mean the end of the Executive“.

In the end, Thatcher defended the Falklands intervene militarily for “the cause of freedom” and on several occasions even said years later that he “never had the slightest doubt of the correctness of his decision.