Butterflies of Maria Sibylla Merian Fly on Google Doodle


Butterflies of Maria Sibylla Merian Fly on Google Doodle: Google paid tribute on Tuesday at the page of browser to Anna Maria Sibylla Merian in the 366 anniversary of her birth. German naturalist and entomologist is considered one of the most recognized initiator of modern entomology, thanks to the comments and illustrations own metamorphosis of butterflies.
 Maria Sibylla Merian Fly on Google DoodleThe Mountain View company again surprise users with a new ‘doodle’. This time science, entomology specifically, is the main protagonist of the most famous Internet search of the hand of Anna Maria Sibylla Merian. Several butterflies and certain insects make up the Google logo to honor this German naturalist on the anniversary of his birth.

Merian was interested in the study of insects, in a time when the metamorphosis was a virtually unknown process. The publication of ‘The caterpillar, wonderful food processing and floral strange’ in German became popular in the high society. For the same reason, was shunned by the scientists of her time, as the official language was Latin science.

Parallel to the metamorphosis, Merian described other details of the evolution and insect life, such that each track depends on a small number of plants for food and, therefore, the eggs were placed near those plants. This work made her one of the first naturalists who actually observed the insects, which allowed her to discover many more details on its development.

In addition, the drawings of plants, snakes, spiders, iguanas and tropical beetles made by herself today are considered works of art worldwide.

Merian, who had a reputation as a naturalist and artist, died in 1717 at age 70 in Amsterdam. In the last years of the twentieth century, the work of Maria was rediscovered and restored.