Tran Gia Hang Dress Sexy For TVB Radio Receptionist: A Hong Kong newspaper recently published series of three fine ladies of TVB: Tue sentence, Zhou Ye, Tran Gia Hang attend a party held in Shenzhen.

Tran Gia Hang Dress Sexy For TVB Radio ReceptionistThe girls dress sexy and divided into different sitting at the table to chat, wine visitors.

During the party, surrounded by they are elegant gentleman.

This leads the girls to a party is actor Eric Tsang,both of them go to the table and they toast and laughing happily.

The three beautiful girls of TVB party and to the VIP wine raise the flow of mixed opinion.

Many people that TVB pressed chicken house  beautiful young continue to find business opportunities for the station, while many people commented that this transaction is a familiar of the entertainment, the young beauty beautiful abused jobs career related and the line between partying and prostitution are very fragile.

Not long ago, another station of Hong Kong’s ATV also been criticized as forcing the Miss United Kingdom to dress sexy to the station’s guests.

Significantly many of the beauty of the ATV stations after the coronation fall become a lover of the great country acting in high school.