10 Interesting Facts About Google

Dang, this new service is the name of the world's most popular search you are using on a daily basis.

The 10 Interesting Facts About Google: Did you know Google was originally named Googol? Founded in 1998, the company has aged 15 years Google has achieved success is difficult to measure can be measuring. The company’s main product is the search engine is considered the most powerful tool is Google Search. Google has become a “things real separation” to close as any believer Internet. Even the Oxford dictionary added Google as a verb to express the search action.

Dang, this new service is the name of the world’s most popular search you are using on a daily basis.

1. The name Google is actually the result of a spell. The founder of the search engine, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the first named it Googol. Googol is the mathematical term for a very large positive integer composed of a number of 1 and 100 0 next to it. This term was created by Milton Sirotta, nephew of American mathematician Edward Kasner, and was first published in the book “Mathematics and imagination” written by Kasner and James Newman. Two founders chose the name Googol to imply reference set of unified mission enormous amount of information on the Internet.

However, the first name of the search engine “crisis” this world is BackRub. Later, Larry Page and Sergey Brin think they need to find a new name for its products as Googol, which then mistakenly Google, was born like that.

2. The reason Google homepage is very simple since the first day that the founder of this service … do not know the HTML language. Current Google interface is very simple and maintain user-friendly.

Google 2
Interface Google launched the beta version.

3. Google project initiated by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they turn 24 and 23 years old. Google’s first office was located in a … car garage in Menlo Park, California with the first employee was Craig Silverstein, former chief technology officer of Google.

The foundation of Google search technology called PageRank support. This parameter value attached to each website an “important” that determine how useful and where it will appear on the search page. However, that is not the reason for this feature called PageRank, indeed, PageRank is named after co-founder Larry Page.

4. In 2012, Google has received more than 1.2 trillion search queries from around the world. You can access Google in 146 different languages. In fact, this company is currently the company has the largest network of translators planet.

5. In the first version of Google, the search engine does not have any buttons, instead the user should press Enter to perform the search. Google also recognized early and prevent the search command generated automatically by the computer can help marketers push their website to a higher position on the search page.

6. Free e-mail service Gmail Google started “life” itself as a company’s internal mail system for two years before it was widely released. Researchers have found six different types of email users and Gmail can meet all these needs. There was a time, particularly in the UK, due to some problems with the copyright dispute, e-mail service, called Google Mail instead of Gmail.

7. To be able to search through all the data of more than 3 billion pages of Google a person would need about 5707 years in when that Google just 0.5 seconds.

Google Doodle
Google’s first Doodle was born on 8/30/1998 to commemorate the Burning Man festival. Since then, Doodle has become an integral part of Google with more unique design.

8. The logo appears on the Google homepage in the special day called Google Doodle. The company also has a “museum” online to store all Google Doodle has appeared. Denis Hwang, a Korean graphic design, is the man behind most of these interesting symbols. Denis started working for Google since 2000. Although the first Doodle appeared on Google was not designed by Denis, but, since 2000, he has been attached to this exciting task and released around 50 Doodle year.

9. Maybe you no longer strange to the name of Google Earth, but very few people know Google also has a utility called Google Moon. It is considered as an extension of the Google Maps service, Google Moon using NASA images allows the user to see the image in the lunar surface.

10. Keyhole, the satellite imagery company that Google acquired in 2004 was funded by the CIA. Keyhole’s technology platform has helped Google gives you Google Earth utility products.