TeamViewer Release 8.0 for Linux


TeamViewer Release 8.0 for Linux: TeamViewer announces the release of version 8 for Linux TeamViewer. Following the recent release of version for Windows, Mac and mobile platforms, this new announcement is that TeamViewer 8 is now available on all platforms.
TeamViewerTeamViewer is a supplier of remote control software and meetings world’s most popular online. In version 8 for Linux TeamViewer provides a number of new features that makes remote management in business easier than ever.

For example, with TeamViewer 8 Linux computers will be accessible remotely, including the startup options and logoff and reboot. That makes TeamViewer 8 in a very interesting tool for server maintenance and access to work or personal computers.

In addition, technical support teams now have the ability to invite your colleagues to an active remote session or even of transferring a session completely. As a result, client requests can be handled faster and better, without the need for additional remote sessions.

Another novelty is optimized recording session. The company explained that it is now possible to record audio and video documentation of the session perfect and better training opportunities online. Through the recording sessions, notes from meetings can be available immediately after a session, ensuring that all participants receive the information, even though they have not been able to attend online training.

The company also highlighted the opportunity to comment on the sessions for documentation. Comments can be entered immediately after closing the remote session for better documentation. Similarly, we have introduced the possibility of sharing with other groups TeamViewer accounts.

Finally, it has also introduced central control of user accounts TeamViewer. With TeamViewer version 8 Linux users benefit from the new TeamViewer Management Console from the cloud, which was recently added to the workers and provides technical support and access to their accounts and contacts TeamViewer anytime through web browsers.

Add TeamViewer 8 for Linux to our product portfolio will enable our Linux users greater business efficiency. Optimizing the management and documentation of remote sessions, and centralized controls make a multiplatform tool TeamViewer even more essential to a relationship with customers and efficient remote support, “said the CEO of TeamViewer, Holger Felgner.

Download: TeamViewer 8 For Widows | Mac | Linux