Mai Phuong Thuy 8kg Weight Loss In 6 Months

Mai Phuong Thuy 8kg Weight Loss

Mai Phuong Thuy 8kg Weight Loss In 6 Months: Miss Vietnam 2006 made diet meals per day with gym 3 times in a week and dancing 3 sessions in a week for the perfect physique.
Mai Phuong Thuy 8kg Weight Loss In 6 MonthsAs soon as the contest Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy has impressive features height and unique charm.  And now after seven years of the coronation her beauty becomes salty when employers care little each day.

Ignore the title of Miss Mai Phuong Thuy is just a nice normal girl like everyone else, like charming, coy, points chalk lipstick and very afraid abdominal fat. 

When did you feel fat and have the determination to lose weight?

The time in 2009, I was much heavier than it is now 10kg. There is a very beautiful dress that I love it but can not wear just by arm too big. So from that, I am determined to lose weight.

All around me, people like my slim now but have to love a Mai Phuong Thuy chubby old.

To get the current balance of body you maintain the diet and training like?

I always eat enough nutrition to hungry but did not eat it. Eat small meals and drink plenty of water each day to stay healthy. Also i was a gym 3 days in a week and taking off 3 times in a week should become more supple body.

She told: In the past I am too weak, tired, dizzy, should also affect your weight and health. Now thanks to this workout should also see healthy and spirit fresh colors.

Achievement of her best weight loss?e

Reduce 8kg in 6 months. Then, the next six months decreased to 2 kg. All to be completed in 2010.

Mai Phuong Thuy 8kg Weight LossWhen you lose weight, many people have to eat in a fixed menu. She?

I mostly eat meat, fish, vegetables, eggs and little sweets, fatty. In the evening, do not eat too much but sometimes also discharge smooth comfortable..

Compared with the Miss, her last 2 measurements was significantly improved. What is her secret?

In front of my waist is small but still fat. Be your advice for an effective service melt fat should be within 2 small saw. Now I just exercise to stay in shape and just as the current number.

Do not own standard shape that she is also very smooth skin, no acne while she requires her to regular makeup. Did you how to keep skin damage, especially from time to move to the South to live and to work constantly in the sun?

What makeup style is her favorite?

I like many styles makeup, from mildly impressive, but it is important to match the outfit and the circumstances appear.

And long hair is always shiny, she care?

Not too picky. I’m just regular hair shampoo and steam only. Normally my long hair loose at the hips. But when events or new ad I curly curling or styling. I like the bending light curls or curly hair plaited bun behind.

One day, she spent much time for beauty?

These things beauty “Real Storage relatives” of her?

Sunscreen and lip.

How long do you go spa once and her sister how much money monthly for beauty in general?

I like and dislike the most points on the body?

I like the face and hair, but the most beautiful hands. I inherited her mother’s hand shoots buds. And, perhaps worst of the old skin. Back then, I went to sun should black on dull, lifeless.