BioShock Infinite: Irrational Games Explains Process of Protagonist

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite: Irrational Games Explains The Process of The Protagonist: Irrational Games has released a documentary focused on the creative process of Elizabeth, one of the protagonists of the video game BioShock Infinite. Women who have given birth to Elizabeth have had their experience, including the fan of the series that has Moleva Anna face the character.
BioShock InfiniteCreating video game has evolved to trigger complex production projects in which the creators care of all the details. Within the production of games, develop the main characters is a task that often overshadows much of the efforts. For the development of BioShock Infinite Elizabeth, female protagonist makes the story, has been challenging.

The studio Irrational Games has been responsible for the development of the game and wanted to share the process of creating complex developed around Elizabeth. For this, the company has released a video in which he explains the various women who have given life to the character, either in physical or intellectual level.

The documentary allows curious aspects to know about the character. For example, is presented Moleva Anna, a woman who has to face Elizabeth. Anna Moleva itself explains that he saw a fan art designs Elizabeth and decided to disguise the character. The creators of the game saw the pictures and decided to contact Moleva for Facebook to offer it help develop the game. Thus Anna Moleva end has been the face of Elizabeth and Irrational Games has been captured on his face for the character.

Another woman instrumental in the creation of Elizabeth has been Courtnee Draper, charged with giving voice to the character. Draper has struggled to give voice to the character of Elizabeth and adapt to every situation. Similarly, Heather Gordon has given entity own the protagonist of BioShock Infinite through motion capture.

The documentary can scroll through the character creation process and deepen the team’s goals of Irrational Games. Users will be able to enjoy Elizabeth and the rest of the exciting world of BioShock Infinite on Tuesday 26 March.