“Yang Third Sister” HeYunWei Playing To Spend Tribute Lirong


“Yang Third Sister” Early Curtain HeYunWei Playing To Pay Tribute Lirong: The Pingju art center and starry night comic Hall together create large the Pingju comic Surreal drama “Third Sister”, will be opened in the Grand Theatre of China Pingju the first round of the Lunar New Year showprologue."Yang Third Sister" HeYunWei Playing To Spend Tribute LirongPingju comic Surreal drama “Third Sister” both a set the Pingju and comic stage manifestations in one classic Pingju complain San Jie Yang “is the story basis for the creation of entirely new stage comedy. On the stage of the mashup can be represent as star-studded, big angle are two line of business children.

High central figure Yang Third Sister Pingju artists WANG Jing; young stand-up comedian Li Ching challenge villains for the first time, he will subvert the previous comic stage humor elegant image played insidious accounted British iceberg.

Drama full of comedy noble, respectively played by Du Zhigang, Wang Yue wave, two versions of the noble and the same stage.
Aspect drama was undoubtedly the role playing. Original the Pingju “Third Sister”, Yang mother played by Pingju performing artists Lirong, the role has long been popular.

The Young mother in this role by a young stand-up comedian HeYunWei playing starred. Usual opera-loving HeYunWei, the seriousness performances Pingju or first. This Lirong to challenge the classic image, HeYunWei said he was really under a lot of work.

“In addition to the assessment theater teacher gave us guidance, which looked small half do not know how many times the original movie video, good to learn Lirong teacher.”

He said, this movie features both tragedy and comedy, a lot of the burden and jokes make people laugh, but in the movie Young mother for the girl crying soul the scene Beibeiqieqie, he said that the fight for the audience to sing cry.