Unions Speak Of 100% Up On The First Day Of Strike In Iberia


Unions Speak Of A 100% Up On The First Day Of Strike In Iberia: Unions have encryption on Monday by 100% monitoring of the strike on the first day of the 15 days of 24-hour strikes called by the workers’ representatives to protest the restructuring plan proposed by the company.

It includes a ERE to 3807 employees 19% of staff who would be willing to call off in exchange for  future-proof.

The airline industry responsible UGT Manuel Atienza confirmed the majority follow the strike by the workers, who said that, along with the unions, have done a “remarkable exercise in patience”, told Cope collected by Europe Press.

Atienza said the efforts of the workers takes place from November 9, when the holding IAG raised the “dismantling of Iberia plan” making “deals and desconvocando the first strikes” however from Iberia “have been three months mocking the workers, the public and the administration, has been a mock negotiation, “he lamented.

“We have an offer to the company’s double-digit pay cuts, increase productivity taking 2,600 layoffs this year via the ERE is in force that is not traumatic” said Atienza, who noted that the proposals include also future proof which is the stumbling block.”

He said the IAG CEO Willie Walsh, “has ordered the management of Iberia who controls the company, not to give an inch” circumstances which in the opinion of the union leader “is like a bank asks letters of the mortgage and then not delivering the floor”.

Similarly, SITCPLA union president, Antonio Escobar, said in an interview with RNE gathered by Europa Press that minimum services decreed by the Ministry of Development “is being fulfilled.”

These are “European flights to 50%, the inter-and two autonomous cities at 100% and 50% mainline, recalled Escobar, who nevertheless noted that” the company is not cheap putting volunteers not protected by the minimum services because he knows that is not going to meet anyone. “

Regarding the possibility of the establishment of an arbitration by the department of Ana Pastor, Escobar argued that “you should avoid being absolutely ripe to resolve the issue” but acknowledged that on the two occasions in which they have held talks with the Minister, who, along with his team thanked all efforts, has hinted that “if fundamentally altered mobility public service would order that decreed arbitration.”

To avoid reaching this point said that “the conflict to spare arrogance” and “a delirium of wanting this company estripitosamente start earning money when you have to do is recover from a series of losses that should not be considered as structural” , but “to do a business plan is not a financial plan.”

Also, agreeing with the words of the head of UGT airline industry, Escobar regretted that the direction of the airline withdrew in January agreed in the Service Interconfederal Mediation and Arbitration (SIMA) in December and said that from the union will “give everything you need in profitability, with lower wages and increase productivity” to resolve the conflict.

“We are here to do business, in fact, our leaders should be proud of, not in vain, announce that they will grow and grow to be good” he added.