Rihanna might be The Reason For Split Between Justin and Selena

Rihanna - The Reason For Split Between Justin and Selena

Rihanna, the supposed reason for the split between Justin and Selena: The news broke that Rihanna might be the reason for the split between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez after several years of relationship.Rihanna might be The Reason For Split Between Justin and SelenaAnd according to the features of exclusive Life & Style, the Barbadian singer and could have remained a secret affair in 2011.

As advances in exclusive Life & Style, Selena Gomez decided to put an end to her relationship with Bieber when he learned of what happened.

A friend of the couple says, “This has devastated Selena” precisely because “This happened in February 2011 when Selena and Justin took a few months off and were falling in love.

” Learning this has resulted in “Selena is in question throughout their relationship.”

Although from the environment Rihanna have been quick to deny this information, as recorded by Hollywood Life, it seems that it looks like it could be real.

Rihanna - The Reason For Split Between Justin and Selena“It’s crazy that anyone could think that this is true.’re Just friends, Justin thinks Rihanna like a little brother to be advised”, and is that of Barbados and Bieber will take six years, so it seems crazy, but these people never know.

The reality is that from Life & Style provide extensive data on the possible relationship, but these things never to be trusted. According to the advancing of the Victoria’s Secret, in which both acted, was the straw that broke the camel, because as has this source

“During breaks escaped the Hotel Giraffe” and adds that “Your security staff made sure that they were alone. “

And is that before the break came around were ups and downs between Selena and Justin, maybe caused by this situation of nervousness.

“Justin never admit, never tell anyone he was with Rihanna encvuelto”.

And it demonstrated that this is true of believers would take a disappointment by the good of Justin, which seems that ever happened to Selena Gomez.

Meanwhile the actress and singer takes refuge in her fire