Paula Echevarria Shattered When Saying Last Goodbye To Granny

Paula Echevarria Shattered When Saying Last Goodbye To Granny

Paula Echevarria Shattered When Saying Last Goodbye To GrannyPaula Echevarria Shattered In A Final Goodbye To Her Grandmother: Paula Echevarria is that the young actress has been hit hard these days with the death of his paternal grandmother, Olivia Gonzalez Muniz.

Paula Echevarria’s paternal grandmother Olivia Gonzalez Muniz who died at the age of 85 years in Candas, where people mother was born and lived the father of David Bustamante.

Until morgue Cross Candas, village where he was born and lived Paula’s paternal grandmother, afectadísima approached the actress, who was sheltered by her husband David. Marriage, in deep mourning, went hand in hand in the morgue.

Again, despite the delicate moments that Paula’s going, she was very stylish, and is passionate about fashion that does not neglect your look regardless of your mood.

She wore the tightest black leather pants, boots with platform heels also black, black cloth coat, maxi bag black, and dark sunglasses to hide his face sad and sorry.

After a long time in the chapel at the funeral home installed and where received condolences from family and friends, Paula and David went to the parish church of San Felix Candas where at five in the afternoon they held the funeral with the body present.

It was then when we saw David, with other relatives, carry the coffin and carry it to the inside of the church where the ceremony officiate.

After the funeral, the body was taken to the cemetery of San Bernardo where Dona Olivia Gonzalez Muniz, who died at age 85 would receive burial.

Paula, shattered arm left the church of their parents, Luis Angel and Elena Colodron. She rotates in pain, began to mourn.

While her husband, other family members, was commissioned to take the coffin from the church, and a hearse that would take him to the cemetery.