Free Wedding Cake By ‘Ace of Cakes’ Offered To Same-Sex Couple After Refusal From Local Bakery: Bakeries are not generally known for sparking controversy.Free Wedding Cake by ‘Ace of Cakes’ Offered To Same-Sex CoupleBut that’s what happened to Sweet Cakes by Melissa in Portland, Oregon, when the owner of Aaron Klein refused to bake a wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

In January, one of the brides and her mother visited Klein bakery. When Klein learned of the wedding included two girlfriends, told potential customers that do not make cakes for same-sex marriage.

“They are making a choice to do what they are doing and I’m making a choice not to be part of it,” says Klein.

The Oregon Department of Justice is studying discrimination complaint partners. Meanwhile, Duff Goldman, a pastry chef appeared on the popular reality show “Ace of Cakes”, has approached the couple via Twitter.

Goldman, which is headquartered in Baltimore and created a fondant covered with 50-lb. cake for the second inauguration of Obama, offered to cook and carry a cake for them for free.