The Elders Scrolls Online Registration Open For Beta Test

The Elder Scrolls Online

The Elders Scrolls Online Registration Open For Test Beta Release: Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Online Studios have announced that entries are now open for The Elder Scrolls Online

Interested players only have to enter this site and register for a chance to play. Selected participants will have early access to the beta test of the game.
The Elder Scrolls OnlineThose who access the beta will be the first to live with other experience this epic world on one of the most anticipated titles of 2013. The schedule and details of game testing be offered at a later date to those who register.

“We can not wait to see the users to play,” said game director of The Elder Scrolls Online Matt Firor. “The feedback we received during the beta testing is vital to ensure the best online gaming experiences that have ever been offered, an experience worthy of the Elder Scrolls franchise.

The Elder Scrolls Online brings the experience of The Elder Scrolls for the first time to the online world. Thanks to technology Megaserver ZeniMax Online, players will enter a world connected with a social network that will allow them to be made up of all that you do your friends.

Megaserver technology “avoids the hassle of having to choose server and makes The Elder Scrolls Online in one of the most social games ever created”, its leaders have said in a note prnesa. “We’re playing alone or with hundreds of friends, players can develop their own style of play as they embark on an epic quest across Tamriel”.

“The Elder Scrolls games have been around since 1994 and so this was the chance to actually deliver the whole world of Tamriel and let players explore the whole thing and do it with friends,” Firor told me, adding that he hopes it’ll also convince players who haven’t tried MMO games to give them a chance. “This is a tremendous opportunity for us to get a whole new group of players that haven’t experienced MMOs before to jump in and play an online game.”

The Elder Scrolls Online has been named one of the most anticipated games of 2013 by numerous sources, which include IGN, The Guardian, and Ten Ton Hammer


The Elder Scrolls Online is the first title in the franchise that will be playable online after almost 20 years since it went on sale this series of fantasy role-playing games as sold and awarded

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the latest chapter in the story of The Elder Scrolls. Skyrim, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, was released in November 2011 and has enjoyed worldwide success and critical level of sales.

To round off the RPG award in 2002 for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game and in 2006 for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Skyrim won hundreds of awards for game of the year and sold over 10 million copies during the first month.

It is expected that The Elder Scrolls Online is published in 2013 and is being developed for PC and Mac by ZeniMax Online Studios. The study is headed by Matt Firor, an industry veteran who is credited with over 20 years experience creating online games.

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