The Child Models Dressed As Hollywood Stars At Golden Globe

Taylor Swift copy

The Child Models Dressed As Hollywood Stars At Golden Globe, enjoy the pictures of cute baby clothes, makeup and styling like the stars on the Golden Globes red carpet 2013.

This funny photo’s idea artist Tricia Messeroux in New York and designer Andrea Pitter. Beginning in 2008, the duo often dressed for child models fashion style of the artists on the red carpet. After the “magic”, they take pictures of kids like these impressive pictures of the star.

The children were very excited with the ‘game’. We do it for fun but not for other purposes.

This time, in the picture have named ToddleWood, the boy transformed into beautiful stylish as Anne Hathaway, Taylor Swift, Lucy Liu, Halle Berry … Lucy Liu and “copy” tiny

Lucy Liu and copy tinyLucy Liu and “copy” in the tiny flower dress brand Carolina Herrera.
Kerry WashingtonMaternal same pose style actress Kerry Washington.
George Clooney and Stacy KeiblerTwo lovely baby looks very elegant and charming like the couple George Clooney and Stacy Keibler.
Taylor Swift copySinger Taylor Swift would have laughed to see a copy of her fun. Form child posing with dreamy eyes like Taylor Swift.
Halle BerryBlack girl face, hair and charisma identical “represent women” Halle Berry.
Anne Hathaway and lovely copyAnne Hathaway and lovely copy.