Monica Cruz Pregnant: Expects A Girl

Monica Cruz Pregnant

Monica Cruz is Pregnant and Expects A Girl:” I have never felt better or more women”. The 36 Years Old Actress, who has confessed that becoming pregnant has used artificial insemination, posed for the magazine Elle and has proud of her future motherhood. So happy that is clear after this baby will gain back the family.
Monica Cruz PregnantThe protagonist of her life will be a girl!

Life is not a Disney movie, there are always hard times, but if pursued, dreams can be fulfilled,” and thinks the actress Monica Cruz, who is pregnant with her first child, will shoot in next May. And it will be a girl!, According to all the rumors.

The girl, who at age 36 has not found the man of her life with a family that has decided to use artificial insemination to pursue the path of single motherhood.

It makes me happy to think that because I’m not going to be the main protagonist of my life,” Monica has confessed in an interview with ELLE magazine.

Follow the footsteps of her sister: “I noticed a lot of my sister, of course influenced me, but whenever I saw a pregnant woman or her baby would ask, how she was, what things felt … I would not have missed this for the world. Till not spend really do not understand, “says the actress.