Shakira Takes Seat on ‘The Voice’ As Judge


Shakira Takes Seat on ‘The Voice’ As Judge: As we move forward in time, Shakira is chosen as a replacement for fellow singer Christina Aguilera as a judge of the hit show ‘The Voice‘. We’ve seen the promotional video and today we bring you the pictures.
Shakira   Thus the 4th edition of the popular talent show will feature two new faces, but not any, new coaches of the program will be nothing more and nothing less than the Colombian singer and rapper Usher, the latter replacing Cee Lo Green.

    Shakira, carrying more than seven months, will take the red chair, program icon, having become a mother for the first time with her partner footballer Gerard Pique.

   Colombia is expected to give birth in late January, early February and the next contest will begin on March 25 so the singer will be in perfect working condition.

   Taking that first combine motherhood with work Shakira certainly deliver the fullest, and that’s something that characterizes everything she does.

   Thus, during the first auditions for the next edition, the singer said: “I am delighted to be here, and I am convinced that the baby is too. Has not been easy, but I have a lot of energy. I can work for hours,” according to Hollywood Access picks up the portal.

   The Colombian has created a bond with her fellow-three men and an interview on Extra, she made with one of the veteran coaches, Adam Levine Maroon 5 frontman, the singer said “The coaches underestimated this girl Metro Hormone sixties that comes from Colombia “,” It’s great being the only girl in the group. Somehow you have to get up and face them. You have to defend and protect yourself and you have to be alert, they’re tough guys.

Seen after her words have mom is thrilled with her new job and new teammates, and actually joke between them. Maroon 5 frontman said laughingly that “Adam’s going to call the baby.’s A great name, strong, as the first man,“.