MediaFire is The Only Platform To Face Mega With Free 50 GB?


mega-mediafireMediaFire is The Only Platform/Online Storage Service That Can Face Mega With Free 50 GB? Mega is a reality. The storage service Mega Dotcom Kim was born on 20 January and is intended as a clear rival for all those cloud platforms that exist.

Offer is well above regarding quantity / price of the big companies. MediaFire is the only one that also offers free 50 GB Space.

Among all the options of cloud storage competes with Mega-as SkyDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive, highlights MediaFire, American platform enclosure operating since 2006.

This service is now available as an app for iOS and Android devices and offers good options for those who want to have your files in the cloud.

MediaFire is an application that offers a digital content management, a storage platform in the cloud that provides its users being able to access files anywhere, anytime.

It also allows viewing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos and audios to listen even organize via folders. To all this is added the ability to make and upload photos directly from your mobile device.

This ‘app’ provides users with 50 GB of storage, in its free version, for organizing and sharing, by e-mail, SMS or other applications, all documents, photos and videos from anywhere via the web or a device with Google’s operating system.

Mega also offers 50 GB of free storage to all users who register on the platform. This huge amount contrasts with what they offer the services of large companies in the sector and may start a price war. For now, MediaFire seems the only able to compete on quantity / price.

Furthermore, MediaFire also offers three payment options. In its first version at a price of 1.10 euros per month, you can have 50 GB of storage including the ability to upload files up to 1GB-free version allows up to 200 Mb.

The second option increases capacity to 250 GB and 2.5 TB of bandwidth. The price is 3.3 euros per month and allows each shared file can weigh up to 4 GB.

The third and last option MediaFire, gives the possibility of 1TB storage forever at a price of 18 euros per month approximately. In this case, the file size can be up to 10 GB.


Mega, meanwhile, also offers three payment options. The first option is to have 500 GB of storage and 1 TB of bandwidth. The cost is 9.99 euros to 99.99 euros per month or an annual subscription, which is paid 17 percent less.

The second option in the payment group expands the storage capacity up to 2 TB and the available bandwidth increases to 4 TB. The cost of this option is 19.99 euros per month, although you can hire for one year for 17 percent less, 199.99 euros.

Finally, thirdly, users can get 4TB of storage in the cloud and sides 8TB wide by 29.99 euros. As in the above, the service can be hired for a year to save 17 percent, paying 299.99 euros.

Both platforms offer very competitive prices compared to other services like SkyDrive, iCloud or Google Drive. Users who will have to decide whether to stay with the brand new service-Mega-Kim Dotcom, haunted by the shadow of Megaupload, or the MediFire settled.