Facewash An Application to “Wash Your Face” in Facebook Profile


FacewashFacewash An Application to “Wash Your Face” in Facebook Profile (Helps Remove profanities From Your Facebook Profile): Facewash is a new web application with which Facebook users can perform a scan of their profile in search of politically incorrect content that may affect their image and remove it.

More and more companies looking for the social network profiles of their employees or candidates that come to the office looking for work to know the reputation of these before hiring them.

Thus, users are increasingly wary of content posted on social networks though, often can not control one hundred percent.

This web application ‘Facewash’ scans all content shared on Facebook in search of photographs, comments and updates that may damage the public image of the user and hence provide an opportunity to remove profile owner if desired .

Also, handles Facewash review the privacy policy that users have identified in their profiles and make a suggestion if the configuration allows no control over the content that is uploaded.

Upon entering the application using the Facebook account to be cleaned, Facewash an exhaustive scan and prompts the user for the found items to delete and what not.

So far, the program is configured to sense politically incorrect elements referred to English, however, you can also adjust the language for the scanner to be made ​​in the language that the user wants.

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