Kim Tae Hee Admits Dating With Bi Rain

Kim Tae Hee Admits Dating With Bi Rain

Kim Tae Hee Admits Dating With Bi Rain: The couple has officially been one month. The first day of 2013, the drama was just a fun of deliberation dating between Kim Tae Hee and Rain by Dispatch page launched. And in the afternoon, before the irrefutable evidence provided by the paparazzi, Kim Tae Hee has acknowledged that they are together.

Kim Tae Hee Admits Dating With Bi RainA representative of the actress said: “They started dating about a month ago. Now they are in the process learn to know each other better.” Rain and Kim Tae Hee falls in love in 10/2011 when the same film a CF for the commercial center. Then Bi enlistment.

Even still, but according to a source close he keeps flirting with the beautiful actress and their love story begins.

Kim Tae Hee Dating With RainDuring his time in the army, regular Bi still dating Kim Tae Hee on sabbatical. Reportedly, Kim Tae Hee will join an upcoming SBS’s new drama, expected to air in March in the role of a fashion designer under the Joseon Dynasty. Meanwhile, Bi will be discharged on 10/07/2013.

New year that fans Kbiz got a good news then!